Monday, November 27, 2006

Do you agree to create Hybrid Embryo?

Recently I have read about British Scientists trying to create a human-cow hybrid embryo. It sounds a bit odd and I wonder how people think about that. Do you agree with creating such kind? For me, I think it is right to create such kind if it could help finding ways of helping people with different diseases. But I agree that people think differently.

How about your view? The article I found is as follows:

"As our knowledge pertaining to stem cell research continues to expand, British scientists are submitting plans for the creation of a hybrid embryo - part human, part cow. The stem cells from the embryos would be used for research for treating Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases and strokes. This new approach to creating stem cells has become necessary due to the shortage of human cells and, surprisingly, has not encountered great controversy. Given the sensitivity of the issue, expansive dialogue is necessary, but the focus should be on the improvement of medical treatment.
In the creation of the embryo, scientists would take a cow's egg, remove the nucleus and replace it with the nucleus of a cell taken from an adult human. The hybrid would be overwhelmingly human - 99.9 percent - and would be destroyed after 14 days. Scientists hope to be able to control the development of these cells so they can be used to replace the failing cells that cause degenerative diseases. ......"

To read whole article, visit following site.